Best Mirro 9882000MW M-Series

Pressure Cooker Accessories

Best Mirro 9882000MW M-Series

(Pressure Cooker Accessories)

S-9890 pressure cooker gasket seal, fits Mirro.

This Mirro 9882000MW 12-Quart and Best Mirro 9882000MW M-Series Pressure Cooker Gasket Cookware Accessory is pretty easy to use. When the cooker is closed following the directions accordingly and the under operating pressure, it automatically seals the cover. It is very easy to remove, and it allows cleaning quickly.

Product Features

  • Manufacturer: Mirro
  • It is be used in 12 and 16 qt. MO406 and for the 22 qt. Canners like MO526, MO622 and MO522
  • Carded

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