Easy Best Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes You Should Try

Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure cookers, the name of a popular cooking machine that has changed the cooking strategy and also skipped the cooking time. This kitchen has been outstanding from the very first of their invention. Though there was some accident in the recent past, nowadays the best electric pressure cookers have become the bliss of the cooking […]

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Best Instant Pot| Instant Pot IP-DUO Plus 60 Review

The most important and useful function of an instant pot is pressure cooking. However, maximum instant pot models don’t have an option of pressure cooking. The new Duo Plus provides for this need by including the pressure cooker option in its programs. You can use the instant pot as an electric pressure cooker by the […]

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Things You can cook in a Rice Cooker

things you can cook in a rice cooker

Rice cookers are mostly used all around the world. The rice cookers are now a must-have for most of the households. However, maximal of the people use this valuable home appliance for only one purpose, and it is to cook rice. But it is unknown to them that they can cook several dishes with a […]

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Cooking seafood in a slow cooker

Slow cooking is the slow version of pressure cooking. As it cooks food for a long period, it has been named as a slow cooker. Slow cookers are surprisingly capable of cooking a wide variety of food. They can cook a whole chicken, the best beef recipes and much more. Ever know that you can […]

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What Can I Cook In a Pressure Cooker?


 What Can I Cook In a Pressure Cooker? Are you asking this question “what can I cook in a pressure cooker” yourself? The answer is that you can cook almost anything starting from the grains to the meat. Here is a list for your convenience. Applesauce Apples, sliced Apricots (see Peaches) Asparagus Beans – Lima […]

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Are Pressure Cookers Safe To Use?

are pressure cookers safe to use

You are already known about the incredible pressure cooker. It’s the most used kitchen ware nowadays. The handiness and comfort of cooking have increased their popularity. However, despite all the advantages of the pressure cooker, there is a question among the new users “Are pressure cookers safe to use?” Well, the pressure cooker is a […]

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Best Toaster Oven Recipes

Preparing food on your own is somewhat more delicious and pleasure. In the modern era, there are a lot of alternatives which lets you cook food in your way. The toaster oven is one of those cooking choices that will pave the way to a whole new stage of preparing rich food at home. With […]

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8 Incredible Uses For A Toaster Oven

8 Incredible Uses for a  Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven, another name of a modern kitchenware that has brought a whole new source of some foods. A toaster oven provides foods which taste different from other foods cooked in the ordinary cooking devices. The toaster oven does a lot then it supposed to. It can bake, toast, broil, and grill as well. Though […]

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Slow Cooker Safety Tips

Slow Cooker Safety tips

Besides pressure cookers, slow cookers are also becoming the frequently used kitchenware. A slow cooker is used to cook some specific dishes and recipes which take a bit more time to be perfectly cooked. As the functionality of a slow cooker is to cook slowly, it takes 8-10 hours to cook. However, there are two […]

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Is Pressure Canning Food Safe?

Pressure canning is just like other food preservation that additionally guarantees steady food supply. Food preservation developed from tactics like smoking and drying, and now we have the process of canning the food. As you move towards current methods, past procedures turn out to be less profitable. Some of them may cause harm to the […]

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